• Level 1 roads.
  • We write our TMPs with our lifting plans in mind, sorting out the appropriate permits e.g over head trolley, power lines and then submit to council if we can't self approve.
  • We have STMS and TC qualified staff.
  • We can cater for your project by bringing our experience to the job.

Use our height access service for any of these and more

Banner Installation into a variety to placements including high wall and overhead. We'll get you there.
Flag Installation, pole maintenance made simple with our trucks.
We regularly work on film and TV sets providing access to get those hard to reach angles.
Flood Lighting Tasks including installation, bulb replacement & maintenance made fast and efficient with our expertise.
Signage access made easy with our variety of lift options
Tree Surgery access using our trucks enables arborists and tree surgeons to repair and beautify with ease.
Building Maintenance and inspections can be made even more efficient with our access service.
Window Cleaning & Water Blasting can be achieved with much more efficiency using Hire Up on site.
Ship painting and repairs can be made much easier by having us park up on the wharf beside your vessel.
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Best practice guidelines

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are useful but complex pieces of equipment that are often used for access in hazardous areas. This guideline outlines work practices on how we use and maintain MEWPs safely. Download the Mobile Elevating Work Platforms [PDF 3.4MB]

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